About Us

The “Metal Saints” are a group of women who share a strong passion for motorcycles and giving back to the community. Having deep ties to the Wood Buffalo Region and a goal to spread prosperity and enrich the lives of those in need, this dynamic team of strong female role models believe anything is possible with a little hard work.

Such is the example set by the Metal Saint’s Founder and President Annie Lelievre and all her dedicated work towards the completion of twinning Highway 63.

After losing my Son, four years ago, on Highway 63, I poured my efforts into preventing others from the same hurt that hit my family. Then the unthinkable happened last year and I lost yet another loved one to 63, my ex-husband and the father of my late son. I realized that I wanted to do more. This is how the Metal Saints started. As a group we are stronger. We have never been more excited for the future.

Annie Lelievre